Oct 29, 2016

October 29: Grave Robbing & The Death Of Misfits

On this day in 1983 the horror punk band The Misfits played their final show at Greystone Hall in Detroit. It was during their annual Halloween show that lead singer Glenn Danzig unexpectedly announced to the audience that it would be the band's final show.

After drummer Brian Damage, who had just replaced another drummer, got too drunk and had to be escorted off stage in the middle of the performance lead singer Danzig abruptly announced the end of the band. Tensions between Danzig and the rest of the band had been rising after several incidents on tour, including the entire band being arrested in New Orleans on charges of grave robbing (The band claims only an attempt to locate the grave of voodoo queen Marie Laveau), as well as drummer Robo, a Colombian army defector and illegal alien, having to leave the band.  Upon returning from tour the band members went their separate ways (only reuniting after more than 30 years). The Misfits are recognized as early developers of the horror punk genre; blending punk rock with camp horror themes and imagery. They are also recognized as the originators of the Devilock hairstyle (see photo).
Doyle performing with the Misfits
at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. in 1983.